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Zagreb (8. - 10. 9. 2023)

Flash interviews

Tiffany Flynn  8:13:34 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Women 1 United States 6.59

My jumping was good today, obviously I wanted to go further but I am not upset about how I did today. The runway was really good so I thought I would have been able to jump further. But the competetion was great, the crowds were awesome, just a great experience. I like bouncy runways so I felt like I could get a good bounce and speed out of it. I just was not able to jump a litlle more but that is all right. It is fun to compete in the city, I am a fan of it. If I have to pick from the events this year, I think I liked it here very much - the coditions and the experience is great. This is my second city meet this year - I have been in Austria earlier this year and the experience is great. What I want to take away from this season is just to be grateful because I have visited the countries that I would have never thought so I am just grateful for this opportunity. Potentially, I will do Panams this year. My coach is Dwight Phillips, so I have a great coach to figure some things out for  me for the next season. He is an awesome guy and awesome coach. 

Filip Pravdica  8:21:15 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Men 1 Croatia 8.09


I could not be more happier than I am. The win here, at home at the national square is the most beautiful thing in the world. I can now say that I am with one leg at the Olympics Games in Paris and that the wind that today went in my chest only says that I still have some space for improvement. This season I have been injured, I had a rupture of a quadriceps, so my jumps at the World Championship in Budapest weren´t as good as I wanted them to be, but this experience is wonderful and the home crowd is amazing as always. I definitely see Marko and myself at the Olympics, Marko is also a jumper with a big qualitiy. And after all long jump is like physics, the more speed you bring the further you will jump. 

Tajay Gayle  8:22:07 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Men 2 Jamaica 8.07

I have not been really able to train properly since Worlds so I am just back and forth between meets. It is a nice competition, I love the crowd - I have been here last year and I was happy to come back again this year. The show you guys prepared with police and other guys, it was very impressive and I liked it very much. The crowd is a bit too far away this time but still, I can feel the energy. I am going to Eugene to the Diamond League final after this. I did not have much time to really rest my foot after the Worlds so now I have at least 8 more days to get some rest for Eugene so lets see how the things will go from there. My reward for this season - I hope I will get it there, in Eugene. I will try. Then, just simple things, family is the most important thing to me. 

Jazmin Sawyers  8:30:41 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Women 2 Great Britain 6.50

It was so fun here, I love street meets and I always love coming to Zagreb. So when I heard that there was the challenge, I was really excited to come and jump. It fulfilled all my expectations - the crowd was great, the track was nice and I had a really good time here. The result is OK for me. I struggled with an injury this season a bit so it has taken me a long time to come back and to find quite the same rhythm like in indoors. But I have to prioritize staying healthy for the next year so today 6.50 - I am pleased with it. It is not where I wanted to be but it is OK. This is my last one this season. We have a home World Championships indoors so I will be training hard for that and I hope to be in Glasgow and hope to be able to repeat the things we saw in Istanbul this year. And hopefully to carry it to outdoors towards the Olympics. 

Marko Čeko  8:37:37 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Men 4 Croatia 7.96

Season best at the end of the season is always great. I am a bit disappointed that I haven't finished third, but I would like to congratulate to Filip, it is great that he keeps showing that everything he jumped this season was intentional and wasn't accidental. The atmosphere was great, I might even say a bit better than last year, especially because this year the weather was way better. This is a great night for Croatian jumpers and for Zagreb overall. I gave my best, this result is a great base for the preparations for the Olympics next year, but it is a bit early talking about that, the season is finally over and now I'm heading on a vacation. 


Milica Gardašević  8:52:09 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Long Jump Women 3 Serbia 6.33

First of all this is a beautiful place to jump, everything is really nice decorated and I really like the idea of jumping on the street and involving citizens and crowd in the competition. Although it is really beautiful, this way of jumping also has some flaws, and one of those flaws is definitely base on which we are jumping. As you can see all the girls had problems with it. I am not quite statisfied with my result, I was struggling a bit with jumping, but after long season and a few minor injuries it is not such a surprise.I really enjoyed competing here, this was a kinda revial competition for me so I can say that this is a success after all. Finally, after five months of competitions my body needs rest so tomorrow I am going on a long vaited vacation.


Filip Mihaljević  8:40:21 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Shot Put 7,26kg Men 4 Croatia 21.52

This is a good result, I was feeling pretty good. The tiredness that I felt after the whole season didn't matter because when I came here I just went back in life. When you stand in front of this public you just come back in life and you forget about all the hard trainings you've had through this year and the fact that you are travelling all the time. The energy was great and I am really satisfied with the result. It can always be better for this podium, but I am really content with 21.52 in Zagreb. This competition was also great for my nerves and neuro system, because for a few days I am heading to the Diamond League final in Eugene. I love throwing there and I have had some pretty good throws there so far. 

Leonardo Fabbri  8:49:48 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Shot Put 7,26kg Men 3 Italy 21.55

I am really happy with the result. I tried a new technique which I've tried only once in a training so far so it was a little bit though for me, but I am glad i threw 21.55, it is one of my best performances of the year. It is my second time in Zagreb, the last time I was here I threw 18 meters and I finished as the last one, but this year almost everyone knew me so it means I am doing something special in shot put, and that is the best feeling for me. My main goal for this season was World Championship in Budapest, where I achieved silver, throwing first time over 22 meters, which was perfect, and it means that everything is going according to the plan. I have two more competitions this year, so I still need to be motivated and focused. 

Tom Walsh  9:00:30 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Shot Put 7,26kg Men 1 New Zealand 22.46

Zagreb has been very good to me - 10 times here and five victories. I just started to feel more comfortable with my throwing over last two-three days. So it is a good sign towards Eugene. I know I should have thrown further in Budapest, I knew it was in me but this is an extra motivation for the Olympics. I have been fourth at the World Championships three times so - yes, very frustrating. So now Eugene and home - I have not been home since April. When you are from New Zealand, you are from so far away and it is impossible to go back and forth. Things are tough at times but I have friends around - I spent some time with Filip too. The trophy is awesome but I usually give it away as I have been on the road for five months and it is impossible to carry it away. So I will try to give it to the kids who might be inspired to get into track and field. Filip´s English is very good so he does not speak Croatian to me but I pick up a few words like hvala. Now, looking forward to our traditional dinner after the competition - the lamb. I think that is also why many shot putters like coming here. It is a special event. I will be back next year if I get the invitation. 

Joe Kovacs  9:06:37 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Shot Put 7,26kg Men 2 United States 21.72

I think I was here for the first time in 2012 so I have been here already many times, always had a good time but never got the win. But it had always been about having good times with the boys. 22.46 - that is a good throw. I think Tom is quite happy with it. I always enjoyed coming here especially going downtown - Zagreb is my favourite city in Europe to come to. So hopefully next time, the kids will be with me and we will be having good time. I love the food in Croatia and after this, we have a special dinner which is a tradition for us so I cannot wait until that. It is kind of the celebration for the whole season. Now, one more in Eugene and season is over. Nothing about tis year really means anything, next year is the one that counts. 

Sandra Perković  8:44:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Discus Throw 1kg Women 1 Croatia 67.71

I was feeling great during my warm up, our dicsipline was a bit late but that didin`t affect us at all. On my first throw I slipped a bit, but after that I threw the winning 67.71 at my second attempt. The circle was really fast so my legs didn`t listen to me till the end as I wanted them to listen but overall this was a great announcement for the Diamond league final in Eugene. I would like to thank to all the fans that supported us, it is really important for me that I won here and that this is my eleventh win here in Zagreb. I want to thank to all the other Croatian athletes, there were some really great results, and that only shows that Croatian athletics is growing, this meeting also shows that Croatia has a future, and that we are on a good way towards the Olympics Games in Paris. Now I`m heading home and having some rest untill the Diamond league final, so right now there is no time for a big celebration. I am going to train here till the Eugene, because the circle there will be the same as here, so I think that will be great combination. This result only shows that there weren`t enough competitions for me and that the feeling of competitions was missing before the World Championship. Now I`m on a hunt for my seventh "diamond" which I am hunting since 2018.

Shanieka Ricketts  8:27:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Triple Jump Women 1 Jamaica 14.53

series of the jumps at t

It is always a pleasure competing here in Zagreb, I am satisfied with the result and the win. This is my third time here, and as always the crowd and the atmosphere is really supportive. I am satisfied with my season so far. I am more satisfied with the series of good jumps that I managed to achieve than with my position at the World Championship in Budapest, I`m a bit sad that I didn`t get the medal. Next season I am really hoping to be more constant with my good jumps and good results and of course the Olympics Games. But I still have to finish this season with my last competition in Eugene.

Beatrice Chepkoech  8:24:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
2000m Hurdles [76,2 cm] Women 1 Kenya 5:47.42

I had one world record and now I have two so I am lucky. It is not an easy thing. But this was just a stepping stone towards the Diamond League final in Eugene. It is all about staying focused and positive and I thank god I was able to run well during the season. Of course, coming to the World Championships, my goal was to win but I thank god I got silver. Coming back from Hungary is not something easy. For now, I have some mental preparation because at the beginning, I was scared that the injury will come back - I had a stress fracture last year and I was really worried. But then I felt I was ready to come back strong.  Coming to Zagreb, I was ready to break the record because it is shorter, not like the 3000m. So I knew if I keep like 2.55 pace that would bring a world record. So I said, OK, lets try this. I liked it here very much, my first time in Zagreb and maybe I will be back next year again. My next goal is the Olympic medal because that is the only thing I am missing.

Esther Guerrero  8:12:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
1500m Women 1 Spain 4:02.88

This is my second time here in Zagreb, I was here already two years ago, and as then, this is my final competition of the year. Running a meeting record is the best feeling for me and it is definitelly a pleasure compeiting here. I didn`t even knew what was the time of a Meeting record, I just realised I broke it when I came at the finish line and saw a Meeting record sign. I had a few good races so far, a lot of personal bests through the season, but last few weeks I was feeling sick so I wasn`t even sure about competing here. I don`t really think about what I can do next season because last season I had a big injury so I didn`t race at all. It was a hard year without racing, I put myself through a lot of stress, but this season is the season of my life, it`s a good change comparing to the last season, and of course it is a good preparation for the Olympics.

Hansle Parchment  8:09:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
110m Hurdles [106,7 cm] Men 1 Jamaica 13.13

I would have loved to run faster but I think it was OK. Not a bad execution, I just have to watch it but the start was definitelly not perfect. You have to have a good start to run a fast time.  I felt I was rushing a little bit but it was a good execution and I am still healthy. It was a lovely competition today. I was here in 2021 and I was third- It was a good year when Devon Allen won. Just one more race to go, of course, I always want to win but I do not want to think about the time yet.  In Budapest, I was a little bit disappointed because I always know that I can do better. On the day, you have to put the race together as good as possile to be able to win. It is still a medal, I had a good time, I would say so it is an achievement and I am happy with that. I have next year to look forward to as well. I try to learn as much as I can to become better. Hopefully, I will be back here next year and will run faster. The atmophere is awesome here - the people who understand athletics and enjoying it, that is what we need. When the season is over, I am looking forward to so many things - my family, just to relax a little bit. It will be good to get some rest now and maybe to go to the river and chill with some friends.

Kyree King  7:58:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
200m Men 1 United States 20.10

The reason why is everybody performing so well in Zagreb is that this is one of the last meets on the circuit, the atmosphere and the conditions are great and people are coming here to see what they have and to put it together and to stay consistent throught out the season. I like to do the double - 100 and 200 at every meet that I can. The fans are here and we love to see them and they love to see the athletes come out and they have seen them bedore so that they can put the name to the face. This season, I really wanted to stay just consistent and I think I did that. But next year, I am going to come out hungrier. It is an Olympic year so I have to make sure I am going to be better. Those guys are going to do what they have to do.  It does not matter what they have done, it matters what you do. The races are getting a little too competitive, everybody around is on 19.6 or 19.7 consistently.  So I think within the year or the year after, the world record will go.

Ahmed Jaziri  7:53:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
3000mm St. [91,4 cm] Men 1 Tunisia 08:14.93

I have been waiting for this moment for a year, I finally run under 8:15. This is my last race of the season, and with this time I made an Olympics games standard and it was also my personal best, and I am so excited about that. I would like to thank Zagreb and I will deffinitelly come back here next year as well. Last week I had some troubles with sickness so I wasn`t really expecting big result here, I even thought about canceling the competition, but at the end I said to myself that I should just go, run and believe in myself and then I managed to run this resullt after all. The crowd is so nice and amazing, and the competitiors and a race was really though. I am not really statisfied with this season overall, I expected a better result at the World Championship in Budapest, but something went wrong there, although I l knew I can do better. But at the end I showed it here.

Kristjan Čeh  7:38:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Discus Throw 2kg Men 1 Slovenia 68.48

I had some good throws and stability, there were some fauls also but it is what it is, and after all it was a good competition with a great crowd and great atmosphere. Unfortunatelly we don`t realy have this kind of competitions in Slovenia. I have been here three times, two times I have won and one time I have lost, from Daniel Stahl. Although I study agriculture, with this level of sports and competinig it is hard to keep up with college and sports, so when I finish my professional career in sports I would like to continue my path as a coach. I still have one more competition this season, in Eugenene and after that the preparations for the next season will start. My main goals are European Championship and Olympic Games. I will just continue to train like this year and stay patient.

Dominic Lokinyomo Lobalu  7:24:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
3000m Men 1 South Sudan 07:33.95

The race was really perfect for me and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the crowd. It was really nice. This season was not very good because I had some injury so this is only the second race for me. The track is really perfect here and also the weather. Coming here, I just asked the manager about the meeting record and I knew it was possible. Now, I just closed my season and need to take some rest. I live in Switzerland so I am going home now. I will prepare for the next track season later on.

Jasmine Camacho-Quinn  7:07:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
100m Hurdles [83,8cm] Women (Run) 1 Puerto Rico 12.47

It feels good having a meeting record here and with this competition I have finished my European tour. I think I did better than at my last competitions and that my start reaction was a lot better. This is my first time in Croatia, the conditions were okay, not too cold and not too hot but either way I still have to compete so it doesn`t really matter. Winning a gold medal at the last Olympics Games was a big deal for me and my country, it was a big surprise especially because it was the first track and field Olympic medal for Puerto Rico, but that was two years ago and now I`m ready to prepare for the Olympics Games in Paris next year. This was a long season, and it is ending later than last year. I am mentally and physically done, so I am ready to go home.

Ferdinand Omanyala  7:01:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
100m Men 1 Kenya 09.94

It is a pleasure to take this victory and to run such time almost at the end of the season. I said I wanted to run under 10 and that is what I did. You have to please the crowd and to give them a show. I am not going to compete against anybody in Eugene, I am going to challenge myself and to get the trophy. I have been consistent all the season and I am looking towards the next win. In Kenya, there is a lot of talent. We also have many good sprinters and I am quite happy that I am changing that mindset right now. And I am also happy I am winning since the start of the season - it is an honour. I live in Kenya and I just come to Europe to compete, I have everything I need. I started as a rugby player and I still love it. I switched when I was 20 so quite late. I never knew that I would be so good at sprints.

Anita Horvat  6:47:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
800m Women 1 Slovenia 1:59.79

I really enjoyed last 100m of the race - I had a little problem in the last few competitions and I just could not accelerate in the last 100m. Today, I did it again so I am over the moon. The season was great, I am just disappointed about the World Championships. But in overal, the season was really good and I am happy with it. It is always nice to win such competition and to do it with the last start of the season. Slovenia is very close to Croatia so there were many people supporting me in the stands and I could feel the energy. The atmosphere was amazing. I do not have the accommodation here in Zagreb for today so I think I will have to skip the afterparty and will go home.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs  6:40:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
100m Men 3 Italy 10.08

I am not quite happy with the result, but I am feeling better than at the other races this season. It is my third race this season, and I need to improve and work a lot but it is my last competition of the year and now the focus is on the next season, the Olympics season and the European Championship at home in Rome. Zagreb is really nice and the people are great, I am happy to be here and next year I will come back.  The competitors were great but I need to work a lot to put all these guys back to me.

Daniel Rowden  6:27:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
800m Men 1 Great Britain 1:44.96

This has been a very long season and there are some great athletes competing here so I am really proud of my win. My last race was a couple days ago so my legs were a bit tired so I did not really know what to expect so I am really happy with my result and the win. I have already won in Zagreb a couple years ago and this is one of my favourite places, I really like to compete here. I still have one more competition to do, the Diamond League final in Eugene and. I have some mixed feelings about this season, everything went really well apart the World Championship which was a bit sad but I will regroup and bring it back next year at the Olympics Games.

Laviai Nielsen  6:17:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
400m Women 1 Great Britain 50.93

I am really enjoying racing at the moment. Earlier in the season, I had a few struggles so now that I am feeling good, I want to hold on to this feeling and use it as much as I can. This is my last competition and it is the first time in a long time when I do not want the season to stop.  But I am sure I will continue this feeling until the next year. Now, I just want to go home and see my dog. I have not seen him for a long time and I will spend some time with my friends and my family. I am not going anywhere because I am a home girl so I stay at home. I start the winter training in the middle of October but I am not going to think about it too much now. Just will try to digest the season. This was my second time in Zagreb - I was here five years ago and I loved it so I was happy to come back.

Sara Kolak  5:55:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Javelin Throw 600g Women 2 Croatia 59.29

The plan was to come here and to have fun at the last competition of the season, to enjoy throwing while having a smile on my face all the time regardless the result. The atmosphere and the public was great, a lot of my family and friends from Ludbreg and Slovenia also came so I am really glad that I managed to show that I grew whith every throw. This was really a competition for my soul and for my national public and when you are competing at the national stadium it is really hard not to smile all the time. Although the wind was going in our chests I deffinitely had some in my back as well all thanks to the atmosphere and I can really say that I enjoyed being here today. Those were also great points for the Olympics next year, and I am motivated, healthy and full of energy. I can say that in a way I finished this season jus like I started it, whith a smile on my face and with a good feeling.  Now I just need as many good throws as this one and to continue throwing at this level and everything will be fine. I will now have some rest, but not too much because the next year will be though but I am really excited about it.

Maggie Malone  5:40:00 PM
Disciplína Umí. Oddíl/stát Výkon
Javelin Throw 600g Women 1 United States 63.71

I am really thankful for this result and I think it taught me a lot this season. I am excited - my first time in Zagreb so it was a blast, the girls were great and I just got a call from my agent that we are in the Diamond League final. So I will be going to that. My body and my arm is feeling better so everything is good. I though Zagreb will be my last one but apparently not.  We will be in Eugene on September 16th and I have a wedding on September 23.  My husband and I are already married but we are doing like wedding for our family.  So dress and the whole thing - very busy next couple of weeks. I do not think I really believed in myself in Budapest but I was very thankful to have some great conversations with some athletes after the World Championships and that changed my mindset. I hope that I can do something big in Paris.